The Myouterspace United Planets

The planet Anteros is a community bursting with creative talent. It is populated by citizens who specialize in animation, motion and graphic design. Keep your eye on the Anteros news page for information on the latest animation and graphics technology, including video demonstrations,  tutorials, and live web Q&A's with seasoned industry professionals.

If Anteros suits your talent, register now and embrace all that this Planet offers its community. Whether you are a professional, art student, or lover of Sci-Fi special effects, you are welcome on Anteros.


Creatia hosts a creative environment for thinkers of all kinds like writers, directors, and playwrights, who call this Planet home. Become a citizen of Creatia today and take advantage of the rich resources that this planet offers its citizens.

Turn to Creatia’s Sci-Fi news section for the latest articles and videos; watch live interviews with legendary directors, peruse columns on the best writers in the business, and read the newest Sci-Fi book reviews.


Does your professional or personal world revolve around gaming? Perhaps even both? If so, Sirius is your new home. The citizens of Sirius all live and breathe gaming. Whether you are a game developer, first-person shooter expert, or game tester aficionado, you will fit right into this planet’s community. Become a Citizen of Sirius and play exclusive online browser games and compete to become a tester for a major game development company.

The Sirius news page is always up-to-date, with articles on new game releases, reviews, upcoming cash prize tournaments, and maybe even a few of the hottest cheat codes.


Attention actors, actresses, comedians, and anyone who’s dream is to see themselves on the “big screen”! Zara is populated by both amateurs and seasoned entertainment, film, and television personalities. Become a citizen of Zara and immerse yourself in a community that is custom-fitted to your area of the entertainment industry.

Become a citizen of Zara today, and take advantage of special casting opportunities in the Sci-Fi genre, watch live webcasts with top acting coaches and casting directors, and updates on industry resources sure to help your career.


This planet’s population and news feeds revolve around film and television production. Citizens of Triton are producers, lighting and set designers, sound editors, and everything from craft service to certified hair and makeup artists.
If it's not post-production and not in front of the camera, it's probably on Planet Triton.

Become a citizen of Triton to begin using its infinite resources, including tutorials and demonstration videos on set production equiptment, new technology, and safety on the set. Live webchats and nterviews with well-known industry line producers and cinematographers are broadcast from this planet.


Orpheus is inhabited by musical artists of all varieties, such as, singers, song writers, film composers, musicians, and bands trying to place songs into films. Musical artists of all ranks are welcome on Orpheus, whether you be a student, professional, signed, or unsigned.

Register on Orpheus and participate in live webchats with some of your favorite composers and producers. Demonstration videos from major brands of all instruments, sound editing and music composing  technologies,  and everything from music libraries to guitar picks, can be found on Orpheus.

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janisprchick said:

Corporate Communications Director
Loving the site!

Looking forward to chatting with all and William smilies/cheesy.gif too!


May 17, 2010
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