Our Starships


The Starships; Aurora, Endeavor, Genesis, Orion, Nautilus and Republic; were designed by legendary John Eaves, and modeled by Douglas E. Graves. The Starships will host Crew Members from the various United Planets, each specializing in a different Artistic talent. If you are chosen as a Starship Crew Member, your profile will be proudly displayed on your Starship’s homepage, as well as featured on your Planet’s homepage.
The six Starships are virtual production companies, each with a project being made into a film, stage or animated production. As the captain builds his/her Crew, the awareness of the ship's project becomes valuable to the community, who will all be watching and waiting. You will be able to follow each Starship's progress and watch live interviews, as well as chat with the best and brightest in Sci-Fi, Horror and Fantasy, all here on


Written by :
William Shatner